Stonek introduces Zinazosomwa App: An app which lets one read trending news and favorite news topics from top publishers in Tanzania

Zinazosomwa is the news app that lets readers read news of their favorite topics from top sources and show what is trending in Tanzania.

Zinazosomwa App features

  1. Corrects/Aggregates news from more than 35 top blogs and online newspapers for the reader
  2. Organises the news into topics (eg Politics, Entertainment, Sports etc) and tags of popular subjects such as  celebrities, politicians and current affairs.
  3. Zinasomwa app analyses all news coming to its servers and determine who and what is trending in Tanzania
  4. It Lets someone choose his/her favorite topics so that it always bring the news of your choice
  5. Lets someone read the news by source (blog or online newspaper)
  6. Zinazowomwa let the reader search the news by content, tag, topic and source
  7. It shows which articles are mostly read in 24 hours
  8. Lets the reader share the news on whatsapp, facebook and other apps

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Aim of Zinasomwa App

“Our main aim is to simplify the way Tanzanians discover news from multiple sources and know what is trending in the country by using only one source, Zinazosomwa App” says Peter Kisinga, founder and CEO of Stonek. He adds, “Our other aim is to help publishers increase the number of visitors to their websites because when one reads the news from our app, he/she reads it directly on the publisher’s website”

How to get Zinasomwa App

The app is currently available for android users here, it will be available in other platforms soon.

Zinasomwa website

Also there is zinazosomwa website ( which serves the same purpose as the app.

Zinasomwa Socila Media

There are also social media pages for facebook (@zinasomwa) and twitter (@zinazosomwa) which post trending news 3 times a day.

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