Free IT Consultancy on How To Manage Your Business/Organisation Using Information Technology

In a business/organisation, Information Technology plays a critical role in increasing productivity regardless of the kind of industry you operate. It helps you manage your business/organisation smarter and better that will make a positive impact in terms of value, quality or productivity. Research shows that those organisations that use technology increase their market share, financial figures and overall competitiveness.

At Stonek, we offer IT Consultancy for both small and large businesses to help them achieve their business objectives.  We advice and help our clients  to estimate, manage, implement, deploy, administer and secure their IT systems and Infrastructures by providing our Staff and expertise  or choosing the right organization to outsource.

As per our mission statement (“Bringing Technology To You”), Stonek will be offering FREE IT Consultancy for both small and large businesses and organisations in Tanzania on what solutions they need to solve their daily management problems such as sales, security, marketing, customer relationship, resources management, production and finances.

If you or your business is interested with this offer, please click here to register. We will come to your office and give you advice on kind of solution you need to solve your problems.

Please note: This service is free, but for those who are outside Dar es Salaam they will need to pay for or provide transportation and accommodation.


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