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Stonek waitangaza Zinazosomwa App: Programu ambayo inakuwezesha kusoma habari zinazovuma na habari za mada uzipendazao kutoka vyanzo maarufu Tanzania

ZInazosomwa App. App moja, vyanzo vingi vya habari. Jua nini kinavuma Tanzania. Pata habari unazopenda kusikia.

Zinazosomwa ni app ambayo inamrahisishia msomaji kupata habari za mada azipendazo na vilevile kujua ni jambo gani linavuma Tanzania Kazi za app ya Zinazosomwa Kumkusanyia msomaji habari kutoka vyanzo maarufu zaidi ya  35 Tanzania Kuzipangilia habari katika mada (mfano Siasa, Burudani, Michezo n.k) na tags za watu au mambo maarufu, kama jambo jipya linalozungumziwa kuhusu nchi, wanasiasa na watu maarufu Programu au app ya Zinasomwa pia inachambua habari zote zinazofika katika mifumo yake na kugundua ni zipi zinavuma Inamuwezesha msomaji achague mada anazozipendelea…

Stonek introduces Zinazosomwa App: An app which lets one read trending news and favorite news topics from top publishers in Tanzania

Zinazosomwa is the news app that lets readers read news of their favorite topics from top sources and show what is trending in Tanzania. Zinazosomwa App features Corrects/Aggregates news from more than 35 top blogs and online newspapers for the reader Organises the news into topics (eg Politics, Entertainment, Sports etc) and tags of popular subjects such as  celebrities, politicians and current affairs. Zinasomwa app analyses all news coming to its servers and determine who and what is trending in Tanzania…

Free IT Consultancy on How To Manage Your Business/Organisation Using Information Technology

In a business/organisation, Information Technology plays a critical role in increasing productivity regardless of the kind of industry you operate. It helps you manage your business/organisation smarter and better that will make a positive impact in terms of value, quality or productivity. Research shows that those organisations that use technology increase their market share, financial figures and overall competitiveness. At Stonek, we offer IT Consultancy for both small and large businesses to help them achieve their business objectives.  We advice and help our clients  to estimate, manage, implement, deploy, administer…

NEW YEAR OFFER: Get a website for TZS 240,000/-, free hosting

stonek web design

As part of 2017 celebrations, Stonek Limited would like to give an offer a for anyone who need a website. This offer ends on 31st March 2017. The website will cost TZS 240,000/- and we will host it for free for one year. Offer Package 3 Pages website (Home page, About Us Page, Contact Page). Extra pages will cost TZS 25,000 each 5 Free emails Free 1 year hosting Free none .tz domain registration. .tz domain will cost extra TZS…

Stonek C.E.O Peter Kisinga Wins dLab Logo Design Competition

Peter Kisinga receiving $600 cash prize from dLab Managing Director , Dr Lungo

The Tanzanian Data Lab (dLab) is an open working space where data from multiple sectors and sources in Tanzania can be combined, processed, and shared to drive better policies and decision-making. The dLab logo competition took place on 29th October 2016 at dLab head Office from 08:00 hrs to 17:00 hrs. There were more than 10 designers who participated and only best three were going to be awarded. The designers were allowed to submit any number of designs. Peter submitted 3…